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Primo 70 Series

Specifically designed for Large Format digital cameras, the internal mechanics of the Primo 70 lens series features internal motors and full lens metadata capabilities. Floating internal elements control breathing and allow the lens to maintain extremely high performance from infinity to close focus.  While the Primo 70s are undeniably sharp, the fall-off from focus is gentle and smooth, with an organic quality to it. There is very little color fringing, coma tails, or distortion.

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Other Spherical Lenses

Cooke S5i Set

18mm Cooke C5I18 T1.4 14" 110mm
25mm Cooke C5I25 T1.4 2' 110mm
32mm Cooke C5I32 T1.4 14" 110mm
40mm Cooke C5I40 T1.4 16" 110mm
50mm Cooke C5I50 T1.4 20" 110mm
75mm Cooke C5I75
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Primo Digital® Lenses

Primo Digital® Lenses

These lenses feature high contrast and resolution, low lateral color, negligible veiling glare, low ghosting and distortion, and consistent image quality throughout focus and zoom. Designed and manufactured by Panavision® with digital in mind

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Other Panavision® Zooms

Other Panavision® Zooms

Spherical Telephoto Zoom - STZ 

The Spherical Telephoto Zoom is a 70-200mm, T3.1 zoom lens with a close focus distance of 4¾ feet. Compact and lightweight at 6 pounds and approximately 8½ inches in length, the STZ has the same 4.440 inch front diameter as the Primo® primes.

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Advanced Zooms

Panavision® Advanced Zooms

Panavision Compact Zoom - PCZ

Introduced in 2007, the Panavision Compact Zoom is one of the newest entries in Panavision’s long line of successful lens developments. This lens offers high performance in a compact package. Weighing only 7.3 lbs, and 8 inches in length, the PCZ is T2.8 with a focal length range of 19-90mm and close focusing distance of 2¼ feet. 

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