Supertechno 15

Supertechno 15

As the smallest telescopic camera crane available, the Super Techno 15 is the ideal solution for location and tight area shooting. The crane can fit through most standard residential and commercial doorways, as well being the perfect match for a tracking vehicle.

Panavision strongly recommends that only trained grips operate this piece of equipment.

Please contact your local Panavision Remote Systems office for more information.

Technical drawings for dimensions, further dimensions, and the base.


Overslung bracket       2', 4', 6', 8' track  
Rain cover       Track run up  
Night cover          


Maximum payload 80.0lbs  
Maximum height 15.0'  
Minimum height - 9.0' 1.0"  
Telescopic extent 3.0' 4.0" - 13.0' 7.0"  
Maximum telescopic movement speed 5.5' / sec  

Length from centre post to front

Fully extended


3.0' 4.0"
13.0' 7.0"

Length from centre post to back 5.0' 6.0"  
Overall length retracted 9.0' 6.0"  
Overall length extended 19.0' 10.0"  
Bucket width 2.0' 10.0"  
Base length 3.0' 7.0"  
Base width 2.0' 6.0"  
Base bottom hight from floor 2.0"  
Wheel height n/a  
Track width 2.0' 11.0"  
Z Head dimensions normal
Z Head dimensions shortest
Dolly weight 99.0lbs  
Levelling jacks 48.0lbs  
Column + fork weight 68.0lbs  
Arm weight 286.0lbs  
Sliding weights x 4 10.0lbs each  
Counterweights x 15 29.8lbs each  
Donuts x 2 15.5lbs each  
Electronic unit weight 117.0lbs  
Z Head weight 53.0 lbs  
Total weight 1190.0lbs  
Maximum power requirement n/a  
Set up time n/a  
*Minus measurement indicates the front is Below Ground Level