Super Peewee 2

Super PeeWee 2

The popular PeeWee dollies are renowned for their ease of use and flawless functionality. 

Standard Accessories

1 x mains cable       2 x seat risers  
1 x narrow side board       2 x seat assemblies  
1 x wide side board       1 x push bar  
1 x drop down board       1 x wrench  
1 x front board       1 x hydraulic handle  
1 x standing board       1 x steering bar  
1 x seat offset          


Maximum camera mount height (without risers) 55.0”  
Maximum camera mount height (with standard 12" riser) 67.0”  
Minimum camera mount height (without riser) 24”  
Minimum camera mount height with PeeWee 90 degree plate
(drop attachment  to camera base)
Vertical boom travel 31.0”  
*Carrying capacity of camera plate
(extended 24”  in any direction)
*Maximum payload with high post kit 1.100lbs  
Maximum boom lifts (fully charged) 4 lifts  
Chassis maximum length (wheels fully extended) 43.0”  
Chassis minimum length (wheels fully retracted) 34.5”  
Minimum chassis height for transportation 16.0”  
Chassis variable widths – legs in 20.0”  
Chassis Width - Legs at 17 Degree Position
(pneumatic tire position)
Chassis variable widths – legs at 45º 28.5”  
Chassis variable widths – legs at 90º 32.0”  
Steering post height 35.0”  
Minimum turn radius 24.0”  
Accumulator charging time (110 A.C. and D.C.) 60 sec  
Accumulator charging time (hand pump) 2.5 hrs  
Carrying weight 280.0lbs  
Operational Weight (w/o Payload) 329.0lbs  
Operational Weight w/ High Post Kit (w/o Payload) 386.0lbs  
*Weights will vary depending on the accessories used