Sony F35

Sony F35 CineAlta Camera

The F35 CineAlta – based on the technology of the Sony HDW-F900 and the F23 – has been “Panavised” for use with many of the Panavision® standard 35mm film camera accessories. The Panavision lens mount allows use of all Panavision PL or PV mount 35mm film lenses. The Panavision Dovetail viewfinder mount system is compatible with the standard Universal Panavision Camera Mount (PCMU) when using the 19mm Arri & Panavision Top Bridge plate (BP8P), which uses 19mm rods for lens support. Panavision added a power distribution box to the side of the camera to power additional accessories, and its compact size allows easy docking of the Sony SRW-1 recorder as well as the Panavision SSR-1 solid state recorder.

With a Super 35mm CCD sensor offering 1920 x 1080 resolution at a rate of up to 50 fps progressive, the F35 provides excellent image quality, depth of field similar to a 35mm film camera, and a wide dynamic range. The camera has a variable frame rate of 1-50 fps in one frame per second increments, and like the Sony F23, it can overcrank and undercrank at variable frame rates. The F35 offers full bandwidth high definition 4:4:4 recording, a 14-bit A/D converter, varying gamma settings that include S-LOG gamma, HyperGamma, a customizable gamma curve, and built-in down conversion output.