Heads and Tripods

Heads & Tripods

Whether your production calls for basic camera movement or more elaborate techniques such as extreme tilts, low angles, high angles and more, Panavision® has the head and tripod you need to get the shot. 


  • Panahead

  • Arri Compact Gear Head 2

  • Cartoni Dutch Head

  • O’Connor 2575 (Cardellini Quick Release Lock Off to suit 2575 on request)

  • O’Connor 120EX

  • Sachtler Studio 9+9

  • Sachtler Studio 7+7

  • Sachtler Video 20P

  • Ronford F7

  • Dutch Swing Head

  •  Miller Arrow 55


Panavision maintains a variety of tripods in tall, medium, and short heights  from manufacturers such as Ronford-Baker and Sachtler.  We also carry high hats and low hats for extreme low angle shots or special mounting needs where a tripod is not feasible.  

Some of the tripods and mounts in Panavision's inventory include:

  • RST - Ronford-Baker Tall Legs (Bowl / Moy)

  • RST-B - Ronford-Baker Short Legs (Bowl / Moy)

  • HHM - Mitchell Hi-Hat

  • LHM - Mitchell Lo-Hat

  • RMS - Spreader