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Devil's Playground

A distinctive Australian drama made exclusively for Foxtel, Devil’s Playground is set 35 years after the events of Fred Schepisi’s classic film, The Devil’s Playground, and features a hig

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Old School

OLD SCHOOL tells the story of Ted McCabe (Neill), a retired cop, and Lennie Cahill (Brown), a retired crim, who get together to solve crimes, unravel scams and make some much-needed cash, while avoiding the wrath of the police and the underworld. Also starring are Sarah Peirse as Ted’s feisty and sports-mad wife, Hanna Mangan Lawrence as Lennie’s granddaughter Shannon, Mark Coles-Smith as Jason, the mechanic son of one of Lennie’s prison mates, and Damian Walshe–Howling as a charming opportunist who inserts himself into Shannon’s affections.

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Viktor Khadem is a man who has almost given up on life, sentenced to a low-security prison farm, a completely non-threatening environment where is still felt that some individuals can be reformed.

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The Rover

10 years after a global economic collapse, a hardened, ruthless ex-soldier tracks down the men who stole his only possession.

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